Hey friends, it's so great to meet you! I'm Nicole, the owner of Palm to Pine Design, but my most important title is mom to my adorable 2 kids. My daughter Reese is my mini-me and she's full of passion and spirit. My daughter is the reason I am here. After we had her in 2013, my plans to go back to "work" changed when I couldn't comprehend leaving her side. I decided to give an Etsy shop a whirl and opened Twisted Sister Shop. Being a new mom was a hard adjustment for me, and opening my Etsy shop was my savior in those early days of discovering who I was as a mom.
After 3 years of success on Etsy, our son Landon was born in 2016
and my heart pretty much exploded with love. He fit perfectly into our little family from the second we found out we were pregnant and we don't know how we went so long without him. The little dude has a streak of spirit, but is the most laid back and easy going little man you've ever met, probably a survival tactic for living with his big sister. 
Almost 6 years and over 20,000 sales later, my "little" whirl has turned into an amazing part time hustle that I wholeheartedly love.
Twisted Sister Shop was long overdue for a face lift and new name, and Palm to Pine Design was born in 2018. 

As the "babies" get older, there are big things on the horizon for Palm to Pine Design. I have a first class ticket on this wild ride and I cannot thank you enough for being here on this journey with me.