Rosé Bridal Shower

I'm going to do it again, I'm going to say this may be one of my favorite parties I've ever hosted. I can't help it. This summer, I co-hosted one of the most beautiful bridal showers on the planet. I decided since I co-hosted this, and it wasn't just my vision that it is completely not-vain to say it was the most beautiful because I definitely couldn't have done this one alone. Not vain, right? 😬
blushing bride bridal shower invitation
With the help of my best friend and the sister-in-law of the bride, we had so much fun planning this blushing bride bridal shower. The bride wanted a floral shower with pink, but I really wanted to put a twist on the pink floral bubbly brunch. I loved that popular theme, but the creative spirit inside me needed to add my own touch. When I found the most perfect balloon garland by Lauren at Oh How Charming with pink, gold and a gorgeous shade of maroon, I was set and the party vision was brought to life.
bridal shower invitation, pink floral
I loved welcoming guests to the party with my new custom acrylic sign and vinyl banner, and thought this quote was perfect for the occasion.
bridal shower acrylic sign
bridal shower welcome banner

Cheers! A 10 foot tall champagne wall

If you've been around for awhile, you know I love me a good DIY. Another thing I can't help. When my co-host texted me a picture of a champagne wall and said "wouldn't it be cool if we could do this for Caitie's shower" I couldn't get the idea out of my head and had to bring it to life. Do you guys remember this pink ombre wall from our Rosé All Day Favorite Things party. When I proposed the idea of the champagne wall to my husband he rolled his eyes so far back in his head I'm shocked he's not blind. I'm serious. And then we loaded the kids in the truck and went to Home Depot. Did I mention how much I love this man? When you throw a zillion parties a year with champagne taste on a beer budget (champagne pun intended), you get creative with repurposing decor. When I promised Jay we could get the wall out of the garage once and for all, he was sold. A couple bucks in lumber and literally SO MANY man hours, this labor of love was born. Totally worth the days spent in the garage with two kids under our feet and exactly what I had envisioned and the balloon garland from Oh How Charming tied the color scheme together for the entire party.
champagne wall and pink balloon garland
Funny story tho, what you guys don't see, is us holding a giant patio umbrella over this wall in between rainstorms for our trooper of a photographer Siri to take these beautiful pictures. Gotta love the Pacific Northwest. This party was supposed to be outdoors, and after a beautiful summer, Seattle decided it was going to start fall the night before the party. We had the most epic downpour and thunder and lightening storm that totally threw a wrench into the party plans. We had sun breaks during the party (a term only Seattle people use, meaning when the rain stops, everyone goes outside to soak up a few minutes of sun until it starts again) which I am grateful for, but we were drying off glasses and picture frames to sneak in photos for this one! You guys know I'm all about full disclosure when it comes to *picture perfect* parties. There is always a behind the scenes!
pink wood champagne wall
One of my favorite details of the party was the custom drink tags I created. I asked the bride to send me a list of words, places and activities that were meaningful to her and her fiancé, and used them to make the drink tags. It was so fun to watch people look through the pile and choose words that described their relationship with the bride too!
bridal shower mimosa bar
sip, sip hooray bridal shower signs

bridal shower drink tags, floral drink tags
Cheers to the beautiful bride Caitie, and my co-hosts Jenn and Natalie!
bridal shower toast

Bridal Shower Activity

After everyone had created their own mimosas, people mingled and had time to fill out their advice for the Mr. & Mrs. cards. Any baby shower or bridal shower I host is going to have some variation of this activity. It is the perfect ice breaker for parties where all the guests don't necessarily know each other, and gives everyone something to do once they've grabbed their cocktail, but aren't ready to dive into food or desserts. I also just really love reading the advice people give, and I think this is a gift in itself!
bridal shower decorations and games
advice for the bride and groom game
I have perfected my advice & wish cards over the years, and always include blank cards, as well as cards with prompts. I find different people appreciate the different options. And the grandmother of the bride ALWAYS goes for the blank cards. It's a fact!
bridal shower advice cards
bridal shower games, bridal shower advice

A mouthwatering food spread

When your co-host is married to a regional distributor for Boar's Head, you get to make all your food dreams come true. Let's just say no one went home hungry from this party.
grazing board food
sandwich board party food
charcuterie board, bridal shower food
charcuterie board dips, how to make a charcuterie board

Blush Pink Inspired Dessert Table

This dessert table was one of my favorite styled tables to date. It makes it so easy to set up a beautiful dessert table when every single thing going on the table is drop dead gorgeous. The sister-in-law of the bride, Natalie baked ALL of the desserts (minus the donut tower) and I had to pick my jaw up off the floor with each cake box she opened. I'm still swooning over this dessert table and was so honored to assemble the goodies.
pink floral dessert table, bridal shower dessert table
bridal shower flower cookies
I do get to take credit for one fun detail on this dessert table, and I'm going to take it because I was cricuting til midnight crossing my fingers the power didn't go out with the crazy storm the night before the shower to make this cake topper with the bride and grooms wedding hashtag #happilyeverarens 😂 It took many trials and made me respect all the creators of the cake toppers you see on Etsy even more!
pink floral drip cake, bridal shower cake
champagne cookies, bridal shower cookies
flower donut tower, bridal shower desserts
blush pink floral dessert table
floral hoop bridal shower decor
Overall, despite the last minute rearranging and scramble to move an outdoor party inside, everything went off with only that small hitch and we were even able to enjoy a bit of the patio. I'd call that a win!
floral bridal shower decorations
pink floral wall hanging
Wishing you a "Happily Ever Arens" Caitie and Michael! It was so much fun to celebrate you two!
Vendor Credits:
Paper Goods: Palm to Pine Design
Food: Donovan's Deli Provisions, Boar's Head
Balloon Garland: Oh How Charming
Desserts: Natalie Shanahan

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