I am a fellow lover
of small businesses. I love to support moms who are building dreams and empires during the fringe hours between naps, school pick ups and episodes of Chicago P.D. and love to hear their stories. I began my business in 2014 somewhere in between diaper changes and way too short naps when my daughter was 6 months old and I realized I was drowning. Very little about being a mom was what I signed up for and I had to do something.
Little did I realize

this whim would turn into a beautiful passion that has allowed me to serve over 26,000 customers. It was the missing piece of my puzzle in new parenthood and breathed life into me during those sleepless first days. When I opened my Etsy shop I was gifted back my identity outside of “Mom.”

My shop began with the world of birth announcements and first birthday invitations and as my friends' kids and our family grew, so did my shop. So many of my designs tell a story of my children growing older as their birthday themes evolve, best friend’s bridal showers, adult birthday parties and life’s celebrations.

Palm to Pine design embodies me

I am happiest under the palm trees on a beach with a cocktail in hand, or outside under the pine trees surrounding a campfire roasting marshmallows.

Planning a party?

My hope is when you are here, you feel excitement over planning a party, and not overwhelm. I truly believe there is no wrong way to celebrate. I’ve done it all. I love a low key party, hanging a custom banner on the wall, buying a dozen balloons and serving pizza and ice cream and I’ve also spent months planning celebrations featured in Magazines and going all out. I hope my one stop shop with invitations and party decor can help you be well on your way to planning your next celebration.