Touchdown | Boy’s Football Birthday Party

I had the honor of throwing my nephew a football themed birthday party this year, and he completely surprised me with a request for this theme! This kiddo plays year round soccer, and I thought for sure he was going to test my party throwing skills with a black and white soccer theme. 
Football Birthday Personalized Banner
When he said football, I immediately showed him one of my favorite banners in my shop, and he thankfully gave it the thumbs up, because this is a party I have planned in my head and on a Pinterest board for years. (do normal people do that?) 
Custom Football Birthday Backdrop
Like everything these days, this party was last minute, which I have to admit is basically my new jam. Since I have been doing this party thing for the last handful of years with my kiddos, I have collected a nice variety of party decor, cake stands, etc. which makes “throwing together” a party so much easier. I just get to shop my own garage! You’ll see the solid handful of pieces that show up in most of my parties, and I am completely okay with that. It allows me to buy a couple adorable themed party goods like these football cups and popcorn containers (from Party City) and create a different look for every party using the same staple items!

Football Party Dessert Table

Football Birthday Party Ideas
I always try to give the kids as many choices as possible to make them feel like they have a hand in the party set-up, while selectively providing multiple choices of what I want to do anyways (secret mom tricks). So when Myles said he wanted an ice cream cake for dessert, I loved the idea, but couldn't really build a dessert table around it so I suggested an ice cream sundae bar and he was a million percent on board! These football themed cups were perfect for the sundaes and I love how a few themed items can really set a dessert table apart without going totally overboard!
Football Birthday Party Ideas
I knew my first stop was going to be the dollar store for sundae toppings, and if you ever frequent the dollar store you know it is extremely hit or miss. I was hoping to keep the desserts brown/white/green to stay on theme and I was able to snag the mini oreos, mini york peppermint patties, chocolate wafers and green and black licorice, then got the chocolate cookies, brownie bites, donut holes and chocolate covered oreos from the grocery store. 
football dessert ideas easy
Football Birthday Dessert Ideas
I DIY’d these cute toothpick flags to add a little personalization to the dessert spread and I think they really completed the look and the kids had fun poking them in the desserts during set up. 
Football Birthday Decorations DIY
You can print your own by downloading the flags here too 👇
Another fun DIY touch was these Oreo football cookies (thank you Pinterest). I was planning to dip Oreos in chocolate, and in the store I found you could buy them already dipped! Um, yes please! I got a container of store bought frosting (which I think is one of the grossest tasting things on the planet, but really wasn’t motivated to make a batch of buttercream just to stripe some football laces 🤣) and I love how these little football cookies turned out, and using the moss green table runner was the perfect repurposed table top decor for a football theme.
Oreo Cookie Football Dessert Ideas
football birthday party decorations

Football Party Activities

The last thing I created for this party was the paper football station. My kids have summer birthdays so I have always been grateful to just use a backyard as party entertainment, but an indoor winter party was a different ballgame (you’re welcome for that pun). We had a handful of pre-teen boys and our family friends for a total of 13 kids and that was intimidating to me! I hoped they would just play in our playroom, but I wanted another option if they got rambunctious to steer them towards.
Football Paper Folding Directions
I called my brother and asked if this was a dorky idea for tween boys and thankfully he said go for it because I didn’t really have any other indoor options! We also hot glue gunned large popsicle sticks to make goal posts. The kids didn’t use them at the party, but as we were setting up they were very into decorating the DIY goal posts so the activity was still a win in my book!
Football Birthday Party Activities
Overall the football birthday party was a huge success and it was so fun to celebrate my sweet nephew! He had a great time and felt the love and that is all that ever matters to me 🏈💗
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Football Birthday Party Ideas and Decor