Wild Flower Bridal Shower

Love is in bloom for the bride-to-be! I had so much fun putting together this wild flower themed bridal shower for my cousin. This down to earth (literally) and nature inspired bridal shower featured an eclectic collection of vintage wildflower decor, paired with sweet personalized details to spoil the bride to be on her party day. 
Wild Flower Bridal Shower Invite
I had a great time styling the invitation before the party, and then on a trip to the mountains FULL of wildflowers, I had to pick a new bouquet and style the invite again so excuse me for the excessive invitation flat lays but how could I not with those florals!?
Wild Flower Bridal Shower Invitation
Custom Wildflower Invitation
Now, onto the party! 

The Party Decor

When guests walked in the door, they were greeted with my favorite ice breaking party activity. An “Advice and Well Wishes for the Mr. and Mrs.” station. I love doing wishes, date night ideas, etc. as a party activity because it gives guests something to do as they warm up to being at a party, especially when you have family from the bride's side, groom’s side and friends who may not all know each other!
Wild Flower Bridal Shower Decor
Whenever I make a “wishes” table, I always like to mix and match prompts for the party guests. I have found over the years, some people prefer to have the start of prompts, and some prefer blank space for writing from the heart, so I used a variety for this wild flower themed advice station.
Advice and Well Wishes Bridal Shower Activity
Advice and Well Wishes Bridal Shower Game
 I love displaying the cards for everyone to read, so I used an old chicken wire frame that I made and left mini clothespins for guests to hang their wish cards when they had been filled out.
Bridal Shower Game Wildflower Bridal Shower
This beautiful fabric bunting garland was the inspiration for the entire party decor. When I found this fabric at a local store, I knew this vintage look was exactly the inspiration I was going for and would tie the entire theme together beautifully. What I did not know was how many hoursssss it would take to DIY this project. Seriously. I wanted the rustic frayed look for the strips of fabric and ended up washing, drying, ironing and creating the fray on each strip. It turned out absolutely stunning, but add this to the “never again” column. Just keeping it real around here!! 🤣
Wildflower Fabric Bunting Banner
Wildflower Bridal Shower Decor
The last element to complete this table was wildflower blend seed packets for the guests to take home! When I purchased these I had intended to use the small clothespins to make a garland of seed packets, and when I plopped them onto the galvanized three tiered stand as I was unloading and setting things out I loved how they looked!
Wildflower party decor

The Party Food

If you’ve been here long, you know that charcuterie or tacos are the answer to every food question in my book, and the bigger, the better. This “Love Blooms Wild” theme screamed charcuterie!
Bridal Shower Food Ideas
Bridal Shower Charcuterie Board
Since it was an afternoon shower, we also provided croissants, sandwich thins and sandwich spreads to give more substance to lunch, and my mom used cookie cutters to make the cutest “flower” trays of melons.
Rustic Charcuterie Table
My favorite thing about charcuterie is it is different every time, and there is no wrong way to do it! I love using an eclectic mix of cake plates, crates and platters to create a variation of height and adding touches like edible flowers and the terra cotta pots with cheese labels to bring in the wild flower theme.
Charcuterie Boards for Bridal Shower Food
The cheese labels were “planted” into small terra cotta pots that I found at the dollar store in a 3 pack! A total score!
Charcuterie Board Bridal Shower Food
This beautiful 7 foot long planter box that my husband and I build with ceder boards from Home Depot turned out so beautifully and looked great on our dining room table. 
Wild flower bridal shower decor
Floral Bridal Shower Tabletop
Wild flower bridal shower ideas
And at the end of that 7 foot planter box and table, was a true bar cart. I repurposed my plant stand to create a 4 tiered mimosa bar, complete with wildflower drink tags, fresh fruit, wildflower cocktail napkins and a mix and match assortment of beautiful champagne flutes…. Also, the only picture I got of that was this, FAIL. It wasn’t even a picture I took, but I’m pretty sure my 9 year old took it when she stole my phone. UGH!!!!
Bridal Shower Mimosa Bar
Mimosa Bar Sign Wildflower Party
But the good news is, I am gifting the printables to you to make your own Mimosa bar, complete with a recipe card, and drink tags so you can recreate your own beautiful set up. You can download them below 👇

Party Games

The bride-to-be requested games and I knew exactly what to play. If you are hosting a bridal shower or baby shower, I highly recommend Bridal Shower Bingo (especially if you are not super into hosting games.) You create a bingo grid relative to the amount of guests at the party, and ask guests to fill in their bingo squares with guesses of what the bride will open. It helps to prompt guests to think about what the bride and groom registered for, as well as give a few hints like kitchen towels, baking supplies or items often found at showers. After guests fill in their squares they begin to mark them off as the bride opens her gifts. My mom brought tons of fun prizes for the games, so we were able to do prizes for bingos and black outs which made gift opening so fun and interactive.
Wildflower Bridal Shower Games
The other game we played is also one of my favorites and so fun for the bride-to-be and guest. I called her fiance and “interviewed” him with a list of questions about the Bride such as her favorite foods, dream jobs, their first date etc. and recorded our phone call on screen time. I then gave each guest the same sheet of questions I had asked the groom-to-be and had them fill out their answers. I synced my phone to the TV and asked the bride how she thought the groom would answer each question and we played a friendly game of “who knows the bride best” between the groom and party guests. After I asked the question to the bride, I played the screentime snippet of the grooms answer, then paused in between questions. This game can turn out to be so hilarious when the bride and groom have different recollections of their first date or first kiss, and when party guests give their best (often wildly inaccurate) guesses. I have NEVER played this game with the bride and groom answering every single question in sync until now 😭 It was the sweetest thing ever. The last question is “Tell me your favorite thing about the bride” and we took turns each answering the question and it was such a special moment showering the bride with compliments.
Bridal Shower Games Wild Flower

The Dessert Table

I adored the rustic simplicity of this dessert table and oh my gosh was everything on it absolutely delicious.
Wild Flower Bridal Shower Dessert Table
I can’t decide if I love the edible flowers or the beautiful colored bakeware filled with home made pies, crisps and breads more, and I would be lying if I didn’t say the cake turned out pretty beautiful for, like always, having no idea what I am doing 🤣.
Wild Flower Desserts, Wild flower Cake
Wild flower sugar cookies, edible flower desserts
Edible flower desserts
Everything was mouthwateringly good, and the fact that so many people had a part in creating this dessert table including aunts, uncles and cousins, it definitely brings a smile to my face.
Wild Flower Party Dessert IDeas
Thank you for joining me on this Wild Flower Love Blooms bridal shower, I hope you loved the photos and found inspiration to host your own floral bridal shower! If you have any questions about any details or DIY’s please don’t hesitate to use the contact button and drop me a message! I would love to share.
Love Blooms Wild Bridal Shower

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Wildflower Bridal Shower Party Theme