How to Choose the Right Size Banner

One of the questions I get asked most often is “what size banner should I get?” So I want to walk you through some of the steps I take when planning for my own celebrations.

Chicken Birthday Banner

Where is the banner going?

Will you be inside a living room? At a party venue like a gym? Outdoors at a park in a gazebo?
 Construction Banner for Birthday
Sponge Bob Square Pants Personalized Birthday Banner
The bigger the space, the bigger the banner! If you are decorating a large open wall, like a party venue and plan to place the banner behind a large kids seating table, the larger sized banners are going to be your friend, 36x66”, 42x84” or 48x96”. Hanging a small sized 18x36” on a 15 foot wall is going to make the banner appear tiny and lost in the big space. The same goes for outdoor settings like a gazebo, hanging it on a garage door of from the deck, or displaying the banner in your yard with yard stakes.
Unicorn Birthday Banner
Woodland First Birthday Party Banner and Balloon Garland
If you are indoors in a living room, and have an 8 foot wall you are planning to hang the banner, a smaller size like 24x48” or 30x60” will work best.
Science Birthday Banner

Under the Sea Birthday Banner with Sharks and Mermaids

What are you putting the banner behind?

Another question I often ask is where are you planning to put the banner as far as location goes? Is it behind a dessert table, hanging on the fence as a welcome banner, behind a cake smash high chair or maybe behind a gift table?
 Airplane Birthday Banner for Boys Party
If your banner is going behind a table of any size, I suggest you get a banner similar to the size of the table. Example: you’re using a 6 (72”) foot folding table for desserts and want the banner behind it, I would suggest the 36x66” banner. If you’re planning a large balloon garland or balloons on either side of the table, then I’d suggest a 30x60” banner.
 Welcome Baby Woodland Baby Shower BannerStrawberry Birthday Banner
Have a high chair for a cake smash? The 18x36” or 24x48” banner should be perfect to show off your little one and still make a statement.
 Flamingo Birthday Banner
Still having trouble visualizing the space? Grab a measuring tape and a shower towel and beach towel and hold them where you plan to hang the banner! My kids beach towel was almost exactly the size of my 36x66” banner and really helped see how it would look on the wall.
I hope walking you through these steps helps you pick out the right size banner for your space! If you still need help, please feel free to send me a message!

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