Top 5 Dessert Table Tips

Man oh man have we come along way in this party game. Let's just say I didn't scroll all the way back to 2014 to look for party pics of Reese's first birthday when I was pulling inspiration photos. 🙈 We all have to start somewhere, and while my start wasn't pretty, I have learned so much along the way I think I am qualitied to share some pretty epic dessert table tips with you, that anyone can implement to step up their party tables at their next celebration. 
And as you know, I need a disclaimer because the internet can make me feel like crap sometimes and I never want to make anyone feel that way. I fully embrace my tagline “There is no wrong way to celebrate” you will never see me throwing shade at a Costco sheet cake and dollar store paper plates. Not all our celebrations are pinterest perfect either, so you do you at the age and stage you are at now 😘

#1 Ditch the Folding Table and Tablecloth

If you can use literally anything aside from a folding table, you are well on your way to an elevated dessert table! This isn't the first time I've used an entry way table as a dessert table and it worked perfectly with the cowgirl theme and peach baby shower. 
Cowgirl Birthday Dessert Table
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Not only did I use our foyer entry table for this party, I used the window frame that sits on it on a daily basis too! 
Peach Baby Shower

#2 Shop your Home First

For this construction party, I used my husband's tool boxes as risers in addition to cake plates, and hexagon cubes I took right off the wall of my sons bedroom! Then of course, using all his toy construction vehicles that littered our house making this theme a no brainer brought this construction dessert table to life without spending a dime on table decor! 
Construction Birthday Banner
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There were so many eggselect items from my house for this chicken birthday party too, like the egg cartons, and our egg storage spinner, the farm to table sign from our kitchen and galvanized chicken silhouette from our coop. The farmhouse drink pitchers and Starbucks Frappuccino bottles made perfect vases for fall florals.
Chicken Birthday Party
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#3 Choose a Seasonal Theme

This buffalo plaid decor for our joint sibling camping birthday party was all purchased from 70% markdown bins after Christmas and was perfect for the camping theme, plus now it's a staple in my Christmas decor! Win-win on not adding to the bin of themed party decor which I will likely never use again but can't seem to part with. (who's with me? 🙋) 
Camping Birthday Party Dessert Table
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#4 Mix and Match Treats and Heights

I know most people don't have a plethora of cake plates at their disposal, but getting things off the table at varying heights makes such a huge impact for dessert tables, and you can use other things besides just cake plates. Get creative and on theme to elevate your treats and mix & match desserts on each plate or tray for a wow factor! 
You can also use other non food items to add height to your table like greenery branches, flowers, or candles. Or try something themed like a football for a football party, cowboy hat or boots for a western theme bash, toy animals for a jungle party etc. 
Floral Bridal Shower
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Instead of a tray for cookies, a tray for cupcakes etc. try mixing and matching your treats on each platter! It adds an extra visual interest to each plate 
Wildflower Bridal Shower
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#5 Invest in a few key pieces

I saved this for last because this is not a “keeping up with the Joneses” advice, but if you are looking to elevate your decor game and you have a good eye you will see I use these few key pieces in almost every one of my party set ups. I won't link any cake plates as I have purchased most of mine at HomeGoods, but they are pretty easy to find anywhere.
Wooden Crates: I own 4 of these crates that double as party storage in my garage and you will notice they are in almost every dessert table because they are a great way to add height and can be used in so many ways. I have stained them, spray painted them, covered them with bandanas etc. I have also tilted them every which way and upside down placing desserts on top of them or cake plates inside them. They were in the chicken party, camping party, floral bridal shower and football! 
Football Birthday Party
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Tiered Serving Tray I love the versatility of this tiered serving platter, not only is it great to add height when it is assembled, but the white rectangular plates are removable and can be used as serving platters if the black wire framing doesn't match your party aesthetic. I love the 2 for 1 duel purpose of this. I often place the individual trays on top of my crates! Plus, it disassembles to pack up into a small box, unlike cake plates which are a nightmare to store! 
Construction Birthday Party Drinks
Saw Horse Brackets If you go back to step one where I suggested to use anything except a folding table, these saw horse brackets are my go to for doing just that! I have removed the legs off my ikea office desk to make the table top, used plywood and of course, our old decking that makes an apperance in all my early on partys.
Rose Bridal Shower
While we could use some serious tips from step 4 on adding height, this was the peak of quarantine when we threw this party and my 4 year old took great pride in putting together this table himself. Since life was upside down, we went with it and had a great time. If I were to create this table again, I would have loved to spray paint some dollar store dinosaurs to add height and put some of the platters on risers or crates!
Dinosaur Birthday Banner
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I hope these 5 tips helped boost your confidence to elevate your dessert table game! If you have any questions, or need help picking out the perfect party theme, don't hesitate to contact me! 

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