I'm Featured in Mingle Magazine!

Wow, even just typing the title for this blog post brings a smile to my face. I have been sitting on some VERY exciting news for such a long time, yet I still feel like you need to pinch me when I say it out loud. Months ago, my party planning partner in crime Allison of Allison Carter Celebrates received the news that her daughter's 5th birthday party was going to be featured in the gorgeous Mingle magazine.
Palm to Pine Design in Mingle Magazine
This is exciting for so many reasons I don't even know where to start. I could not be more proud of my friend. In just over 1 year in business, this lady has blown my mind, and there is no end in sight. Her determination is contagious, and her drive and support has single-handily helped me grow my business and set goals and dreams for myself that were buried so deep down even I forgot they were there.

Setting Goals

One of those "big dream goals", was a feature in Mingle Magazine. The first time I got a copy of Mingle magazine, I could not put it down. The stunning details of each party and the beautiful photography was something that "other people did." Allison told me, "you're going to be in this magazine someday," and I laughed her off. Then went home and dreamed of something that could never exist for me. But part of me knew I wanted that to be a reality.
Palm to Pine Design and Allison Carter Celebrates
My heart jumped for joy when Allison told me she was going to be published, I was so proud of my friend for conquering one of her "big dream" goals, and that also meant a dream come true for me too! I designed all the paper goods for Evie's flower birthday party, which meant, I was being published too.
She is a Wildflower Birthday Party
The very first page of her party spread features the invitations and one of the party signs I made for her. Flipping through the magazine for the first time with my friend was surreal. Seeing my new business name published in such a gorgeous magazine was something else all together.
Mingle Magazine, Wildflower Birthday Party
Allison and I have been friends for over 5 years now (we met as complete strangers when our babies were just a few weeks old) and we could not be more opposite as human beings.
When Allison started her business (formerly Confetti Party Plans) she'll be the first to tell you she knew nothing about running a business. But just like she has done to me, she lit a fire inside herself she didn't even know was there and there is absolutely nothing that is going to stand in her way.
mingle magazine publication, Magazine Rack
reading mingle magazine in the bookstore

Be Fearless in the Pursuit...

One of my favorite qualities of Allison's is the insane pride she takes in others. She has always been so proud of my business and is constantly boosting my self worth when I doubt myself or my next jump and pushing me to not be afraid to dream. I don't have a bigger cheerleader in my court than Allison, and that started long before she ever launched her own business.
This girl is not afraid of anything, she isn't afraid to dream the big dreams, she isn't afraid to fail and she certainly isn't afraid to succeed.
floral birthday party magazine spread
I have always wanted these things for myself, but being a mom has always come first. This last year, with the constant encouragement of Allison and my mom tribe, I am really starting to see that I can have both, and be damn good at both of them too.
Palm to Pine Design and Allison Carter Celebrates Magazine Feature
Navigating growing our businesses together and accomplishing crazy, big goals is something that is going to take us to new heights. But most importantly, our girls are going to be so proud watching us as we teach them, that we can have our cake, and eat it too.
I also owe the biggest amount of gratitude to the most generous person I know, my friend Aleks. When you're the girl behind the camera, you don't get the spotlight and my gosh, does she deserve it. Aleks deserves a blog post of her own that consists of me shouting from the roof tops how much I love her and how in a million years I will never be able to pay her back for the gift of capturing these beautiful moments means to me. When Allison messaged us she was being published, the first thing out of Aleks mouth was, "I'm taking pictures of that." Thank you Aleks, from the bottom of my heart. Three Musketeers ❤️