Social Justice Yard Signs and Giving Back

Hey Hey, I have some exciting news to share! I have been making social justice signs for the last two and a half months and donating 10% of my profits to The Conscious Kid book fund, which purchases anti-racism books for classrooms. Combining my love of literacy (daughter of a teacher here 🙋) with my passion for a next generation of inclusive kids. Never in my wildest dreams did I think these signs would turn into this amazing movement. 
I have been making donations every few weeks and to date, I have personally donated $3,378 to from the profits of my social justice yard signs, which has been corporate matched for a total of $6,756. At a rough estimate of $10 per book donated that means about 675 books have reached their way to classrooms. I AM FLOORED.
At the end of August an Academic Intervention Specialist from Bellevue Elementary School in Syracuse, NY purchased a sign and we got to chatting, it's funny how life works. After a quick conversation with her it became 100% clear to me that her school was exactly where I could do MORE and feel the difference, so my own book drive was started. On September 4th I was able to donate 93 books to her school!
I wanted to do some research after talking to this teacher and found this school has 92% of it's students identifying as low-income, ranks 1/10 for test scores with a math proficiency of 11% (state average is 50%) and English of 13% (state average of 46%). THIS is exactly where my heart is giving back with this new program. Their student population is 54% Black, how many books in their library do you think these students identify with?
After announcing this new plan, I was contacted by 3 teachers wanting books for their classroom and of course my answer was YES!
  • From Sept. 5th-Sept 20th, $1 from each social justice yard sign will go purchase books for Columbus Park Elementary school in Worcester, PA from an Amazon Wish List
  • From Sept 21st-Oct 5th, donations will go to Frazer School in Syracuse, NY
  • From Oct 6th-Oct 21st, books will be donated to Van Duyn Elementary school in Syracuse, NY
Want to help?
There are over 50 social justice yard signs in my shop and $1 from every purchase will be used directly to purchase diverse books for classrooms! Get shopping!